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They butchered the deep ones here, breathing in the rich stink of their enchanted flesh.

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Hey everyone! So I made my last Follow Forever like maybe a month in a half ago when reaching 600 followers or something like that. I have now reached 1.6k followers and I wanted to share the wonderful blogs and beautiful people I follow. Every single one of these people are great and if you aren’t following them, you totally should because you won’t be disappointed. I hope I didn’t leave anyone out, and if you feel like you should be on here, please let me know and I’ll add you. 

A: asmybrideburns avelinedegrande assassinborn avacyn-guardian-angel

B: beyonceofwesteros badgervanguard bungiesdestiny badassclemmy beanchucker bluetenantsmith

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D: dewtts delsinsrowes dawn-guard

E: eyeb0t elementzeros esteljune

G: greensvadhisthana gamessm gamerlandaria  guardianofthelastcity  garden-of-vegan

H: ho1ograms hythmknwy

I: inquisitors-keep

J: janinebrody joelmillur jordichins

K: kennysboat kroguns kaldwins kate-connors

L: letsgetonwithit ladysithis larascroft live-longandget-some ladyken0bi

M: main-menu mrnathandrake mrsattano marksmanofshieldx

N: narunate n7-assassin natesdonutshop

O: officialedwardkenway ohyeahgames optiimusprime

P: punicans paganmin playstationpersuasion playstationexclusive preparetodrop pendletons   plasmarifles

R: rootscript rouya rahgot rowedelsin reclaimerr  radamandagarza

S: sirenbooty starkfire77 stephsmontenegro sonarchmusic spartan-ops sadvillains sangheliios shepard-comander shepardcommander s0tc ssophoo

T: the-dead-orbit troybakerz the-fires-above trumphasaur thelastofsnake travelers-light thisgirlgames thelastofusconcept the-last-city thisgethgames themanxwithoutfear that-kind-of-croft theivoryfair thefirstinquisitor @thelordtemplar theshescott

U: udragoon

V: vveaponx veganpowers-activate visovari

W: wolf-spirit-s

X: xalthios

Y: youbetailsandiwillbesonic 

Hopefully I didn’t forget anyone. I appreciate every single one of your blogs, personalities an everything about you all. Thanks for following me if you do! Again, if I forgot anyone please let me know!


in inquisition im gonna get a halla and im gonna call my halla peño

I'm sat on Destiny just listening to the score.

look bungie. this is what you’ve done to us. is this what you wanted ??? did you want to draw us in with your fancy graphics and your great multiplayer structure and your beautiful music and your random giant purple bouncy balls?? did you think you could give us this minuscule taste of what you can offer and then leave us waiting for months, yearning to play your full, beautiful game?? well, ha! — you know what, bungie?! yoU FUCKING KNOW WHA T?T??! !

it worked. shut the fuck up and take my money


Dolce & Gabbana

Spring 2014 RTW

Perfect is very boring, and if you happen to have a different look, that’s a celebration of human nature, I think. If we were all symmetrical and perfect, life would be very dull.”

not everything’s black and white


Natasha Poly in ‘Obsession’ for MUSE Fall 2009, photographed by Panos Yiapanis


James Sant “A Thorn Amidst the Roses” 1887 (by Art & Vintage)


yoo okay so i’ve hit 4.5k recently and it’s been a couple of months since i did the last follow forever ! so i’ve made a new follow forever because i follow so many more amazing people. thank you all for following me and putting up with me, i’m genuinely so thankful to you all uwu. i’ve put as many people on this as i could but a lot of people changed their urls and i have a horrific memory, i’m so sorry if i forgot you, but know i love you all whether you’re on here or not.


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 Paul Gonella || Portsmouth