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a kink is something which turns you on that you can practise safely and consensually with a partner and you should not be shamed for. sexual acts which are not consensual, such as rape and paedophilia, are not kinks. they are crimes. and people who commit crimes should not be protected by the veil of ‘kink-shaming’

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DEATH/INDOLENCE/BEAUTY/TIME; an instrumental mix for the secret history in four parts || listen

“Alas, poor gentleman,
He look’d not like the ruins of his youth
But like the ruins of those ruins.”

D E A T Hi. threnody, goldmund // ii. lag fyrir ömmu, ólafur arnalds // iii. the evil that never arrived, stars of the lid // iv. reach for the dead, boards of canada // v. still alright, pg.lost // vi. don’t get any closer, eluvium

I N D O L E N C Ei. my mind was a fog…my heart became a bomb, hammock // ii. where is my mind (the pixies cover), maxence cyrin // iii. it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s winter, sleepmakeswaves // iv. lichter (with an imaginal space), dirk maassen // v. first movement, clint mansell // vi. on the nature of daylight, max richter

B E A U T Yi. primavera, ludovico einaudi // ii. horizon variations, max richter // iii. song for sienna, brian crain // iv. beautiful, future world music // v. river flows in you, yiruma // vi. all things beautiful, nick cave & warren ellis

T I M Ei. i giorni, ludovico einaudi // ii. dead island (trailer theme), giles lamb // iii. the light, the album leaf // iv. we move lightly, dustin o’halloran // v. near light, ólafur arnalds // vi. then the quiet explosion, hammock

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make me choose: cassandra or leliana {anon}

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what did the hipster get when he ate too fast?


C’mon, he just wanted to eat it before it was cool.

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"Men like Shepard... even more rare."

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Mass Effect 4: First Look

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I am sorry.

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BIOSHOCK 2  Ryan Amusements

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Fangirl Challenge: [2/10] Favorite Female Characters

Mako Mori

"It’s not obedience, Mr. Becket. It’s respect."

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Mass Effect 3 Scenery

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